Principal Director Sharyn Cox has strong experience in community planning, social inclusion, local government leadership and facilitation. Her expertise can be viewed in the following areas.

Community Consultation
Stakeholder Engagement
Social Research
Strategic Planning
Policy Development
Program and Service Evaluation
Professional writing and Submissions

“I value effective governance processes that are informed by the communities for which they serve. I understand community development approaches and have demonstrated experience in building community strategies and securing resources to ensure program sustainability. I have strong experience in developing strategic community plans. I am confident with community, service and infrastructure planning approaches. I have enjoyed the complexity that is local government. I hold strong communication skills and value building relationships. My confidence as a trainer, facilitator and presenter allows me to work across a range of settings to build inclusive sustainable communities”.

Sharyn Cox has diverse experience in areas of community services, community infrastructure planning, community safety, early years, family and health, social inclusion and diversity.