Recent Projects


Improving Pathways for Indigenous Apprentices: Research Project

 "The purpose of this project is to measure and document the pathways and barriers for Indgenous pre-apprentices and apprentices.  The findings provide evidence informing strategic thinking about factors, interventions and pathways that will further support take-up by Indigenous people." 

Community Consultation

The Melton City Council Proventing Child Abuse and Violence Towards Women Consultation

"To guide future strategies Melton City Council is developing the Preventing Violence Against Children and Women Strategy. The strategy will reflect a collegiate; all of community approach, including recognition of the Western regions Preventing Violence Together Strategy."

Early Years Services Universal Access: City of Darebin

“Implementing the Federal Government's commitment to increase 4 year old kindergarten from 10 to 15 hours will have an impact on Darebin's abilty to provide sufficient kinder places.  Several building projects are underway to expand council facilities."

Stakeholder Engagement
Improving Pathways for Indigenous Apprentices: A Research Project 

“The realisation of future plans was an important factor for a majority of participants in this study. For many, their aspirations and future ambitions was a catalyst in helping participants maintain interest in their chosen paths, as they undertook their apprenticeships.”

Social Research

Banyule Nillumbik Under 16 Project
“The purpose of this project is to measure and document school disengagement for the municipalities of Banyule and Nillumbik in order to draw attention to the issue, build a case to better support young people and uphold community commitment to education.”

Strategic Planning

The Darebin Early Years Strategy: 2011-2021

“This vision focuses our attention on developing Darebin as a place that embraces children. Both the natural and built form of the city considers how children use and participate in community activities and spaces. A community where children are valued citizens refers to children holding rights, entitlements and responsibilities.”



Children’s Capital (Government) Family Violence - Vic Health (NGO) Family Violence 
- Helen McPherson Trust (Philanthropic) 
-“short quote” 

Policy Development
Darebin Youth Strategy 2012-2022


“This strategy provides strategic directions for Darebin City Council for the next ten years.  The Darebin Youth service delivery model articulates how services will be delivered to meet these commitments."