Social Research

The Banyule Nillumbik Under 16 Project

The Banyule Nillumbik Under 16 Project sought to quantify the number of young people under 16 who were disengaged from school or other educational providrs in the City of Banyule and Nillumbik.  SIFT Consulting was able to determine  a number of reasons contributing to young people's disengagement from school.  through interviews and social analysis, a variety of views and opinions were canvassed and investigated.  Amogst these inlcuded specific views from participating schools, both governement and non-government, those who work to support young people and from young people who had experienced school disengagement.

The project sought to provide a number of recommendations.  The ability to re-engage students as well as to identify at risk students was particularly significant.  The research also sought to assist service providers involved int his field work more collaboratively so as to maximize the assistance and support given to those under 16 year-olds struggling to remain at school.