Stakeholder Engagement

Improving Pathways for Indigenous Australians

A fundamental aim of SIFT Consulting is to create a space where stakeholders are able to participate in relevant dialogues in an inlcusive and transparent manner.  A recent example of this work is the Improving Pathways for Indigenous Apprentices: a research project which identified pathways and barriers for Indigenous pre-apprentices and apprentices in Victoria.  This research involved interviewing more than 45 Indigenous apprentices as well as a sample of apprentices from public housing using a sociogram process. Stakeholders were able to discuss a range of issues relevant to the research project.  These incuded challenges faced in the home environment as well as at an educational level.  In highlighting a wide range of experiences, participants were able to identify specific barriers and challenges they had faced in their efforts to gaining an apprenticeship.

The findings reveal the importance of stakeholder engagement.  through their discussions relevant data was gained that could appropriately inform spcecific programs and strategies so as to enable and further support Indigenous people in their transition from education to pre-apprenticeships, and to placement with employers.