Sift approaches each project in a personalised manner. We value strong professional relationships.  Some of these partnerships are outlined below including a number of endorsements received from recent employers; they can be contacted directly about a specific project.


Darebin City Council - “Sharyn Cox's work to facilitate sessions for Community Committees of Management and Early Years Childhood Service Providers was key to Darebin embracing change to kindergarten programs. She was able to ensure that all were engaged with the process.  Together, significant outcomes were achieved."  

Linda Harman, Leader Early Childhood, Inclusion and Support - 84708113

Community Consulation

Melton City Council - "Sharyn's advice in structuring our community consulation was invaluable.  Her ability to engage with our community and gather knowledge and community support for our work built strength to improve the safety of women and children in Melton."

Sarah Edwardes, Manager Community Wellbeing - 97477244

Stakeholder Engagement

Banyule Nillumbik Local Learning and Employment Network - "Sharyn's ability to both professionally and personably engage such a range of project stakeholders is excellent.  She is highly responsive to the needs of the client." 

Steve Plant, Executive Officer - 94318001

Social Research

Employment Focus - "The social research about Indigenous pathways to apprenticeships was led with a great combination of project team collaboration and academic research rigor."

George Guilliani, Chief Executive Officer - 94505700


Darebin City Council - "Above all else, it was SIFT Consulting's expertise and experience that was most impressive.  Sharyn provided well written, clearly evidenced and through submissions that were sucessful in attracting significant resources to our municipality."

Cheryl Hermence, Manager Family and Children - 84708888